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The abandoned space stations are large artificial structures found out in the deeps of space. They rarely occur, and can be seen on one of the rarest structures in game.

Locating a space stationEdit

The abandoned space stations are as previously mentioned, one of the rarest structures in game. Though they may be hard to find, they are far from impossible to locate. Pirate stations are far more rare, and so are certain types of mineral and plants.


It is hard to mistake the various types of space stations in game. As of 0.7 Alpha update, pirate stations, player stations, and abandoned stations were added additionally to the shop stations. The appearance will be described as a symmetrical structure, with a asymmetrical center. At each corner of the space station, there will be located a black pillar. At  each side of the pillar, there will be one hangar. In the center of the structure, there will be located a large elevator following up to the upper deck.

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