See also: AstroTechnician
The AstroTechnobeam is a repair tool which you can use to repair other ships. These beams will fire a straight laser which will repair damaged blocks on a ship. A great way of using these is by placing them on a small ship which you dock in your main ship. After a battle, simply fly out with your repair ship and fix your main ship. They will repair ANY damaged blocks, that includes weapon systems, computers and your core. 

You can only aquire the AstroTechnobeam by buying them from the shop. 

They function the same way as weapon systems in the game. You place a AstroTechnican in your ship and link the AstroTechnobeams to this computer. If you place multiple beams adjacent to eachother, they will get a longer range, high power consumption, faster and stronger repairing abilities.

In multiplayer you can also repair other ships by 'shooting' the AstroTechnobeam at the damaged parts of that ship. Make sure that the other person is aware that you are repairing them to avoid misunderstandings.

Note: They do not repair physical holes in a ship. It will only repair the visual damaged blocks. These can be identified by the grey cracks on the block. 

Astro TechnoBeam - Star Made - The Star Makers Guide to the Star Made Galaxy-004:01

Astro TechnoBeam - Star Made - The Star Makers Guide to the Star Made Galaxy-0

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