Summary Edit

General blocks are all of the basic blocks used in most of the buildings built

Hulls Edit

ID Icon Name
5 Grey Hull
293 Grey Hull Wedge
302 Grey Hull Corner
81 White Hull
301 White Hull Wedge
310 White Hull Corner
75 Black Hull
296 Black Hull Wedge
305 Black Hull Corner
76 Red Hull
297 Red Hull Wedge
306 Red Hull Corner
77 Blue Hull
298 Blue Hull Wedge
307 Blue Hull Corner
79 Yellow Hull
300 Yellow Hull Wedge
309 Yellow Hull Corner
78 Green Hull
299 Green Hull Wedge
308 Green Hull Corner
70 Brown Hull
295 Brown Hull Wedge
304 Brown Hull Corner
69 Purple Hull
294 Purple Hull Wedge
303 Purple Hull Corner

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