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Welcome to the StarMade Wiki. StarMade is an open-universe space simulation sandbox game inspired by Minecraft and created by Schema. Explore space generated in real time around you. Design your own ship, space station, weapons, harvesting elements, shields and docking stations. Save, import & export your designs as blueprints, then upload them to any multiplayer server. Gameplay is limited only by your imagination.

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Latest activity
  • discussion page Talk:Optimal Power Configuration
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 2 days ago
    Comment: Im commenting to post my results, I found a checkered design gives you more power and more shields for the same amount of space, I don't know the...
  • discussion page Talk:Starter Guide
    new comment by Lokilog
    Comment: They changed the commands :l try pressing random buttons until something comes up.
  • discussion page Talk:Planned Features
    new comment by Lokilog
    Comment: ..?
  • discussion page Talk:Admin Commands
    new comment by Lokilog
    Comment: It happened to me once. OMG it took me, like, a thousand trys, but you have to get a small ship (as in one ship core, one energy reactor, and one...
  • discussion page Talk:Pirates
    new comment by Lokilog
    Comment: if you're in singleplayer, you can change the setting on the pirate dificulty to 'easy'. That should help.
Helping Out
Defence SD Shield Disperser SD Shield Disperser16px Cloaker10x RadarJammer 10x RadarJammer
CPU's 16px Missile Computer16px Cannon ComputerSD-BB Missile Computer SD-BB Missile ComputerD1000 Missile CPU D1000 Missile CPU
Weapons AntiMatter Cannon AntiMatter Cannon16px SD KB Missile Array16px SD-BB Missile ArrayD1000 Missile Array D1000 Missile Array
Natural Cactus Cactus
Power SD pc1.3 Power Tank SD pc1.3 Power Tank16px SD Hct xm3.4 Power
Construction Materials 16px Hull16px Hardened Hull
Ship Building Gravity Unit Gravity UnitHyperflux Coil Thruster Hyperflux Coil Thruster
Misc 16px SD Docking Unit16px ID ListFaction Module Faction Module16px Death Star Core

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