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Similar to the Docking Module but docked ships can rotate and act as "Turrets".

How to use:Edit

When making a turret it is necessary that the ship core is exposed to the bottom of the ship with nothing under it or the docking will fail.

When you make a turret it will need certain components such as a weapon/shield systems and a BOBBY AI Module to make it automated.

Turrets will draw power from the ship it is docked to, so you will not need power, but it is recommended.

Turrets are quite formidable, despite how dumb their AI may seem.

You may use any sort of beam or weapon, but you can also add AstroTechnobeams, shield regen beams, and the like for your ship repair turret.

After activating the turret(see BOBBY AI Module) it will shoot at pirates and hostile factions.

If you decide not to include/activate the BOBBY AI Module, then a player can enter the turrets ship core and still turn and shoot effectively becoming a "Manned turret".

It is possible to make a flak turret by placing a pulsar at one end, which, when activated, propels another explosive-loaded turret to its target. However, this really doesn't work well with small ships, but is relatively powerful with big, slow battleships as the target.


A large turret on a ship.

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